Featured projects

  • Developing a spreadsheet rendering component with Excel-like formulas

    For the social network ITnetwork.cz, I developed a spreadsheet component using their custom component system. This included creating a library for evaluating spreadsheet formulas, support for conditional formatting, and thorough unit testing.

  • Contributing to the open-source simulation app NetLogo Web

    I resolved a long open issue of adding a proper module system and bundler to the project. This involved getting familiar with an un­known codebase and making extensive refac­tor­ings. But the effort was worth it for the great feedback from the maintainers!

  • Building a multilingual website for booking tourist activities

    For a client, I designed and developed a multilingual website for booking tourist activities using Gatsby.js with React and SASS on the frontend and Express.js on the backend. I learned how to take a web­site from initial idea, to being launched and serving customers.

  • Using JavaScript to solve all puzzles from Advent of Code 2022

    Advent of Code is an annual advent calendar of 50 programming puzzles, ranging from "Oh, this is easy!" to "How on earth do I get the elephants out before the volcano erupts?". Although I didn't make it before Christmas, I managed to solve every puzzle from 2022.

  • Building an app for visualizing planet paths with C# and WinForms

    Inspired by a physics class in highscool, I developed an app, which visualizes relative paths of planets with a chosen planet as the point of view. The app supports saving and loading configured cellestial bodies from a file and exporting the vi­su­al­iza­tion as an image.

  • Detecting unmarked source code to help improve forum posts

    On the social network ITnetwork.cz, a common issue was that new users often did not correctly mark source code in forum dis­cus­sions. To help alleviate this problem, I was tasked with developing a small JavaScript library that distin­guish­es be­tween regular text and blocks of source code, and can be con­fig­ured to detect code in a number of different pro­gram­ming languages.

My skills

  • Frontend development

    I am comfortable building all sorts of things with JavaScript, whether standalone or in combination with React.js. I'm also no stran­ger to building responsive websites and user interfaces using HTML and CSS or SASS.

    Recently, I have started using TypeScript, and so far it seems pretty intuitive, thanks to my pre­vi­ous experience with other statically typed lan­gu­ages like C# and F#.

  • Backend development

    When developing the backend of a website, I tend to reach for Node.js these days, be it in com­bi­na­tion with Express.js or a full-stack frame­work like Next.js.

    I also have experience with C# and the .Net platform, but it has been a while since I last used them. When needed, I have no prob­lem doing some database queries in SQL.

  • Development tools

    I know Git well enough to use it on a daily basis: committing, in­ter­ac­tive­ly rebasing, bisecting, merging, pushing/fetching from a remote repository or submitting a pull request to GitHub are no strangers to me.

    Besides various build tools, some de­vel­op­ment tools worth mentioning are React De­vel­op­er Tools for debugging and pro­fil­ing React apps and Jest for unit testing.

  • Other skills

    Besides software development, I'm also in­teres­ted in design and UX and can work with vector and bitmap-based graphics editors.

    As for non-programming languages, I am fluent in Czech and German. My English skills are around B2/C1 on the CEFR scale. I read and listen to English content daily and have no problems using it for regular com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Out of in­terest, I'm also learning Swedish.

About me

My interest in programming started in high school, when my dad asked me for a way to send mass emails. For reasons that are still not entirely clear to me, I de­cided to build an app for this purpose. Little did I know that this would lead me from teaching myself C# and a deep dive into the SMTP protocol, to later getting a degree in Information Technologies and becoming a web developer.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing chess, hiking, and being outdoors. I am curious about both natural and programming languages. I'm currently in the process of learning Swedish, which has been a lot of fun so far! I also enjoy teaching people what I know and helping others un­der­stand new concepts.

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